One-Of-A-Kind Home on Over 74 Acres of Beautiful and Diverse Land

One-Of-A-Kind Home on Over 74 Acres of Beautiful and Diverse Land

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An opportunity like this may never come again! Welcome home to over 74 acres of your own private world with multiple distinct regions, including CRP land that produces annual income with minimal maintenance of a wild prairie, a thoughtfully designed, energy-efficient home, and abundant garage space built to house any and every kind of machine you could ever want. Just over 5 miles from downtown Buffalo, past the shores of the glittering waters of Buffalo lake, lies a veritable Central Minnesota nature preserve with every feature you've dreamed of lain in defined regions, each with their own special character yet with an overall cohesion that ties it all together.

Just South of 41 acres of CRP prairie that brings in $7,000 annually to be left alone, you’ll come home to a unique pole barn home with an open floor plan with a green design built for energy efficiency and durability. Cook and entertain in an open kitchen with family and friends seated around the large island and relaxing in the living room with 18 ft ceiling while sizable, South-facing windows let the sun warm the floors in the winter while keeping it out in the summer. The 26-gauge steel siding withstands most hail and high winds, while the 5-inch concrete floors - which extend out to the attached garage - keep the floors a consistent temperature and allow for extra large machines and vehicles to come through the 14 ft door for storage.

Step outside, within the wall of White Pines that block the cold winter winds and tend to one of the 2 large garden plots. Or stroll on to the budding orchard area with young-but-fruiting apple trees, pear trees, and apricots trees - surrounded by bushes of wild grapes, raspberries, and plums and bordered by an Eastern tree line dotted with young Sugar Maples.

Walk beyond the wall of pine and East along the Poplar Lane trail, bordered with soaring trees and young Sugar Maples to the South and the vast prairie filled with tall grasses and wildflowers to the North, and you’ll arrive at the entrance to your own private Labyrinth. Enjoy a meditative 30-minute stroll - to the center and back out - through winding 3-to-4-foot-high (at its tallest) walls of prairie grass in a feature found few other places.

Beyond the Labyrinth, a small forest clearing, where you can relax and contemplate under the canopy of a venerable old Oak Tree. Then continue North to a fork in the path at the cluster of Whispering Willows where a turn to the Southeast leads to tranquil clearing overlooking a cattail-bordered deer pond. Take a moment to sit and take in the sounds of nearly every type of Minnesota songbird and maybe catch a glimpse of deer as they gather at the pond at dusk.

North of the Whispering Willows, you’ll travel West into the Prairie, with a semi-treed ridgeline, and consider another opportunity for reflection at Ridgeline Hollow. Continue on and you’ll find a large Sugar Maple ready for tapping. And once past that, you’ll move to the Prairie lowlands, where a Duck Pond used to lie before mysteriously vanishing in 2017, and beyond through 20 more acres of open prairie.

Cap it all off with breathtaking views of the sunset through wide open Western views, surrounded by fireflies as you start a fire in the firepit as an umbrella of stars expands overhead.

Throughout the year your experience varies and evolves from the opportunity to hunt pheasant and wild turkey among the colors of autumn, to snowshoing or cross-country skiing through it all in dead silent peace and quiet of the winter, to mudbooting to a soundtrack of frogs singing for potential mates in the springtime, to watching the neighboring town’s fireworks from the upper level windows in the home before taking a full moon walk along the trails.

This is the life that could be yours! An opportunity to own a home so well thought out and beautiful, on land so varied and distinct may never come again. Seize the moment while you can and schedule your time to experience this wonderful home and start down the path to making it yours today!

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